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I have gone through many mortgage finances over the years and Michael and Southern California Mortgage was by far the easiest, quickest, and least painless of all I have done. Thank you!

​Scott K.

I rate the experience of working with Southern California Mortgage at a 10. Michael is absolutely on top of his game, knows the process, and is well connected with his lender. Therefore, there are no surprises in the application and funding process. I highly recommend Southern California Mortgage to my friends and family. In fact, I have already recommended Michael to friends and have done financing with Southern California Mortgage myself on at least 5 occasions over the past 5 years. My overall experience with Southern California Mortgage has been very positive. Michael is a true professional. The most important aspects of doing large dollar transactions are 'no-surprises' and trust in the person across the table. Michael is great on both aspects - and has my total trust.
Sunil C.

We decided to contact Southern California Mortgage because the website was easy to use and had the best rates. Michael, the owner of the company, was our mortgage broker I loved his non-salesman approach, he is very calm and gets the job done.  He had the rates I needed on his website so I could see the numbers for myself.  Which was wonderful, and described how my rate may fluctuate depending on certain criteria.  He had the best rates I found.  He then left the rest to me, not pushy.  He explained the industry needs for the application and I forwarded the needed documentation.  Michael worked for me to get the approval from the lenders before I would have to pay for appraisal, very efficient.  Our situation being a debt consolidation, cash out, refi investment condo made our approval process more difficult but Michael was up for the challenge and got us the lowest rate and costs available.  We are very statisfied with our new loan, Michael helped save us over $ 1500.00 in interest a month,  Michael thought of our situation as his own and worked on the application, by helping us realize options that we thought may not be available.  He knew right when to lock in the interest rate.  Michael is smart and ethical, thank you for taking the time to help us. We are happy with our mortgage

Stefanie R.

Thank you very much for your service! I would rate my experience as 10 ( the highest). Of course, I would definitely keep you in mind if I need to purchase another house in the future and also recommend you to my friends.

David D.

Thanks, Michael, appreciate all of your time and expertise in helping me refinance my mortgage. 10 star, excellent service, highly recommended.
David G.

Mike was great to work with and very helpful to get me a low rate.  My experience with Southern California Mortgage was 10 star (10 being the highest).  Definitely recommended.

Jim M.

Thank you Michael. You are a 10.  You were always there.
Tom W.

I contacted Southern California Mortgage to refinance my home loan. Working with Mike was a pleasure and painless. He always responded promptly to all of my questions. Emails were answered sometimes within less than a day, paperwork was submitted quickly and it was easy to fax everything that they needed. Everything down to the notary worked out well. I'm really pleased with the overall service at socamortgage. I had a positive experience and the fact that there were no headaches along the way says a lot. I've only refinanced once before but it definitely took longer. I contacted socamortgage because of a referral and I do not regret it, and neither will you. Anytime I know of anyone that needs to refinance I will definitely be recommending them. Highly recommended.
Leila T.

Excellent service at every step of the loan process. Broker was very responsive to questions and inquiries. I would definitely recommend Southern California Mortgage to my family and friends.
Lawrence J.

Michael is professional and stayed on top of deadlines and what needed to be done when. There were no surprises and nothing out of the ordinary which is what I expect. Thanks again for your help and effort Michael-nice working with you and as this is an investment property, I will definitely be back on my next property.
Jim R.

Thanks so much for all of your help throughout the whole process. Though we never met in person, you were always approachable and ready to help us with everything. You made this a very easy transaction and I'll definitely recommend your service to friends and relatives. The process was very easy and Mike provided friendly and reliable service. Mike was also very knowledgeable. What I appreciate most is the transparency in this transaction as well as the very competitive rates. I never felt deceived in any way. I felt fully informed throughout the process and I felt that Mike provided all of the transaction information that I desired. The estimated deal was nearly identical at closing and Mike was a trustworthy agent that helped me achieve my goals with the refinance deal.
Miguel M.

I rate my experience with Michael as 10 stars. My experience with Southern California Mortgage and Michael Correll was absolutely fantastic. It was the quickest refinance I have ever been involved with, and I will make sure that I let my friends know about it. Michael let me know what I had to provide  and was quick to process the information I sent to him. Southern California Mortgage and Michael are tops! Thanks
Marvin J.

Thanks Michael!! I rate you a highest 10 possible. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and Family.
Travis G.

They were great! The refinance was effortless, straight forward, quick, and with no glitches. It was everything you would want to happen and I would use them again.
Bruce B.

Southern California Mortgage has helped us with the refinancing of two house mortgages. Not only did Michael meet all my expectations but he also provided prompt and thorough services. I would recommend Michael to help to refinance your loan. He was very quick and efficient!
Paul R.

Michael Correll has been awesome! He has responded to all inquiries promptly and kept me informed along the way. I couldn't ask for anymore and I would absolutely recommend Southern California Mortgage!!
Tracey E.

Michael Correll with Southern California Mortgage completed a mortgage loan for my residence. He provided exceptional, prompt and thorough services. I Absolutely would recommend; and in fact, have recommended multiple friends to Southern California Mortgage.
Sunil C.

Southern California Mortgage refinanced our home. I cannot say enough about Mike Correll. He was the best. I would recommend Mike to anyone. He cares about his client, he was very prompt, attentive to his client's needs and time line. He was careful but attentive. He did not give out advice just to get business. He gave us a realistic picture. And his guidance is valuable.
Anne S.

Michael Correll did a fantastic job. He was very professional, to the point with what he needed from me during the pre-qualification process and during the actual loan application process. He gave me accurate loan forecasting numbers and actually gave me a better rate once the loan approval process came to conclusion. I was completely shocked that he was so honest with his business practices. I would recommend Michael Correll and his company any day!
Michael C.

Southern California Mortgage provided us with a very complex refinance on a newly built custom home. It was complex as the title of the land was very challenged and there had not been a new home built in our community for a long time (so the comps were hard). Michael Correll handled our refi from beginning to end. He provided clear communication throughout the process and provide prompt and thorough services. Definitely would recommend Michael for any mortgage / refi needs. Michael will tell you the truth from the beginning (even if it’s not great news) and then follow through. We got a fantastic rate and the fees were minimal.
Rick W.

The experience I had with Michael Correll at SCM was simply fantastic. He assisted my wife and I with a jumbo mortgage. He provided a wonderful, worry-free home mortgage experience, walking us through every step of the process. He is hands down the best and when we move in the future I can assure you we will use him again without hesitation. He is extremely thorough and responsive and offers very, very competitive rates. I have recommended him to a couple of friends who have used him for refi's and they have thanked me for it. I highly recommend anyone seeking a home loan in the Greater Southern California area contact Michael Correll to check his rates and have confidence in knowing he is without a doubt the most responsive, first-class mortgage broker out there.
John H.

They helped me refinance my first mortgage on my house. I was very happy with Michael Correll and the service he provided. Not only did he provide prompt and thorough service, he is also knowledgeable and straight forward. If he doesn’t know the answer, he will tell you, and he will get the answer for you. I like that he has a website that has a rate sheet I can look at every day. I use this a lot to be able to see when it is a good time to refinance.
David B.

Michael at Southern California Mortgage provided me with original mortgage for my first time purchase, as well as refinance 4 years later... All expectations were met. Mr. Correll, in particular was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Everything was handled in a suitable amount of time. I would absolutely recommend this company with securing a loan / mortgage as well as refinancing your property. I can't say enough about the quality service I received from Southern CA Mortgage. I remember there was a new program that I was attempting to get with my refinance (don't remember the name??) Anyways, Mr. Correll had done research on it and found that a lot of people were not finding success with it for various reasons, but despite this, Mr. Correll still found away to push forward with the refi and it worked with no hiccups.
Michael P.

After 2 failed attempts with other lenders, Michael was able to get us our new home. We are forever grateful!!!!!!!
Marie G.